Kino Lorber has been distributing foreign language and domestic arthouse films for over 30 years. Our library's holdings range from classic silent titles to contemporary films from around the world. We handle more than 500 movies from 30 countries and in 23 different languages.

Format and Availability of Films

Most of our titles are available in 35mm, Blu Ray and DVD, although some titles may not be available on 35mm or Blu Ray. We carry many rare and one-of-a-kind prints, therefore we urge you to check with us well in advance of your playdates to confirm availability.

All films made before 1953, and many films made after that, are formatted in the 1.33:1 aspect ratio. In addition, most foreign films are in 1.66:1. Please MAKE SURE you have the equipment to project prints in these ratios before asking about them. Due to the value and rarity of most of our classic films, we may require that you have a projectionist present in the booth AT ALL TIMES.


We generally ship all titles to arrive a MINIMUM of three working days before the playdate. If your film has not arrived three days in advance of your showtime, please contact us immediately so that we may investigate the cause of delay. We will not be able to help you unless we have sufficient time to work on any problems.

Film prints MUST be returned the next working day following the playdate. Prints MUST be shipped UPS, Federal Express or equivalent carrier. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD FILM PRINTS BE RETURNED VIA THE US POSTAL SERVICE (although it is acceptable to return exhibition video discs through the mail). Kino keeps its film prints in storage facilites on both coasts; please check with us to confirm return address. Film prints are NOT to be returned to Kino Lorber's office address under any circumstances. You will be required to pay for re-shipping 35mm prints to storage if they are sent to Kino Lorber's office.


For most new releases and many older ones, there are posters available. To obtain these materials, please contact Kino's theatrical accessories supplier, Technicolor Cinema Distribution (tel. 1-800-99-FILMS. If you need copies of reviews, or background information about our films, please contact the Kino Lorber office. In general, Kino Lorber places no restrictions on publicity; we wholeheartedly encourage you to do whatever it takes to attract as large an audience as possible to your screening. Unless directed otherwise by Kino Lorber, you are free to publicize your playdate any way you see fit, including newspaper listings, flyers and so on.


We accept purchase orders from any government institutions, and most private ones. In the case of festivals or other non-regular accounts, we will require pre-payment. Invoices and confirmations are the same document (that is, receipt of an invoice is your confirmation of the playdate) and will be sent after a film has been booked for playdate. Kino requires payment within 30 days of screening. We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), but we do not accept wire transfers.


The pricing of film rentals varies by title and format, but we will always do our best to accommodate your needs. Prices can range depending on the title, the price of admission, number of screenings planned. exhibition format and number of seats at the venue, with new releases and rare prints commanding costs at the higher end. When admission is charged, film rental is a minimum guarantee against a predetermined split of the ticket sales, (whichever is higher goes to Kino Lorber). Usually there will be no extra charge for additional screenings held the same day or weekend, but we do ask that you inform us of the exact number and dates of each screening to determine a fair screening fee.