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Republic Pictures Horror Collection [The Lady and the Monster / The Phantom Speaks / The Catman of Paris / Valley of the Zombies]

Directed by George Sherman, John English, Lesley Selander, Philip Ford

Release: 1944
Runtime: 275
Country: U.S.
Language: English

These four acclaimed chillers from Republic Pictures are guaranteed to put a tingle down your spine and a smile on your face! THE LADY AND THE MONSTER (1944) – Erich von Stroheim plays a mad scientist bent on keeping the brain of millionaire William Donovan alive after he removes it from Donovan’s dying body. His assistant (Richard Arlen) serves as host for Donovan’s brain impulses; the lady of the title (Vera Ralston) fights against the monstrous experiment. THE PHANTOM SPEAKS (1945) – The vengeful spirit of an executed murderer (Tom Powers) enters the body of a physician (Stanley Ridges), and forces him to do its bidding—namely, murder. A newspaperman (Richard Arlen) must unravel the bloody supernatural secret before it’s too late. THE CATMAN OF PARIS (1946) – After a mysterious cat-like creature slaughters people close to him, Parisian Charles Regnier (Carl Esmond) is suspected of murder. Charles fears that he is the beast, but his paramour Marie (Lenore Aubert) and best friend Henry (Douglass Dumbrille) believe he’s innocent…until the Catman begins to stalk Marie! VALLEY OF THE ZOMBIES (1946) – Long-dead madman Ormand Murks (Ian Keith) once believed that endless blood transfusions would make him immortal. Now resurrected via voodoo, he stalks the city for human blood. A woman (Adrian Booth) falls under Ormand’s hypnotic, vampiric spell.

Publish Date : 2024-04-09