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Lady in a Jam

Directed by Gregory La Cava

Release: 1942
Runtime: 83
Country: U.S.
Language: English

Lady in a Jam is a classic screwball comedy starring the splendid Irene Dunne (Stingaree, The Awful Truth) as Jane, a young lady who is suspected of insanity after she squanders her entire inheritance yet refuses to accept her poor financial state. Dr. Enright (Patric Knowles, The Bride Wore Boots, Monsieur Beaucaire) is the handsome doctor assigned to her case, unbeknownst to Jane. Posing as her chauffeur, he drives her out west to her rich grandmother, from whom Jane hopes to recoup her fortune. Refusing to give Jane a dime, instead her grandmother allows her to work the family’s played-out gold mine. Jane’s ex-boyfriend (Ralph Bellamy, Hands Across the Table, His Girl Friday) comes into the picture only to discover Jane is smitten with the doctor. A love triangle ensues and finally the gold mine and Jane’s love life start to yield some promise. Deliciously directed by Gregory La Cava (My Man Godfrey, Stage Door).

Product Extras :

NEW Audio Commentary by Filmmaker Allan Arkush and Film Historian/Filmmaker Daniel Kremer

Optional English Subtitles

Publish Date : 2023-03-21