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Double Trouble

Directed by John Paragon

Release: 1992
Runtime: 86
Country: U.S.
Language: English

Double the action and double the laughs with David and Peter Paul (“The Barbarian Brothers”), the most mismatched pair of identical twins since Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger! David is an L.A. detective. Peter is a convicted cat burglar. The brawny brothers become unlikely partners when Peter is granted immunity to help his bro bust an international jewel smuggling ring. Sibling rivalry erupts as David tries to teach his slow-reforming brother that crime doesn’t pay. But when they team up against a sinister ringleader (Roddy McDowall, Fright Night) and an army of corrupt bureaucrats, no one can tear them apart in this fast-paced action-adventure that’s bulging with comedy and a stacked cast that includes A.J. Johnson (House Party), Steve Kanaly (TV’s Dallas), Troy Donahue (Cry-Baby), James Doohan (TV’s Star Trek), Bill Mumy (TV’s Lost in Space) and David Carradine (Bird on a Wire).

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