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Burn, Witch, Burn (Special Edition) aka Night of the Eagle

Directed by Sidney Hayers

Release: 1962
Runtime: 90
Country: U.K.
Language: English

This hair-curling horror masterpiece is ablaze with vile voodoo and malicious magic! Smoldering with action, suspense and ghoulish fright, Burn, Witch, Burn—also known as Night of the Eagle—throws Janet Blair and Peter Wyngarde into a supernatural world of madness and dreams when ancient rites produce terrifying wrongs! A successful college professor (Wyngarde) raises hell when his pretty wife (Blair) turns out to be a powerful witch—who claims that all of his achievements are just a little something she cooked up! But when the skeptical teacher forces her to give up her spooky spells, a rival witch soon steps in to set a match to his happiness. Now, he can only watch in terror as his career, his home—and even his wife—threaten to go up in smoke as he barrels toward one of the most chilling final showdowns in horror history! Turn down the lights, curl up tight and watch this all-time fright classic from legendary Twilight Zone writers Charles Beaumont and Richard Matheson in stunning high-definition…if you dare! The special edition includes both the U.S and UK versions of the film.