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Audie Murphy Collection III [Hell Bent for Leather / Posse from Hell / Showdown]

Directed by George Sherman, R.G. Springsteen, Herbert Coleman

Release: 1960
Runtime: 82 | 88 | 79
Country: U.S.
Language: English

This collection features three classic 1960s westerns starring screen legend Audie Murphy. HELL BENT FOR LEATHER (1960) – The Only Man Who Could Save His Life...Was the Man Who Wanted Him Dead! Clay Santell (Audie Murphy, Sierra) stops into the town of Sutterville after having his horse stolen, only to be mistaken by the townsfolk for a murderous outlaw named Travers. Sutterville’s residents capture Santell and turn him over to crooked lawman Harry Deckett (Stephen McNally, The Duel at Silver Creek), who, tired of chasing the real Travers, decides to execute the innocent man instead. But Santell pulls off a cunning escape and takes the lovely Janet Gifford (Felicia Farr, 3:10 to Yuma) hostage until he can prove his innocence. Audie Murphy is Hell Bent for Leather in this galloping CinemaScope western directed by the great George Sherman (Tomahawk, Border River, Big Jake). POSSE FROM HELL (1961) – Together They Team Up as an Avenging Posse from Hell! Audie Murphy (Kansas Raiders) and John Saxon (The Appaloosa) are two steel-nerved, two-fisted men who take apart a gang of gun-mad killers in Posse from Hell. Four escapees from death row, Crip, Leo, Chunk and Hash, ride into the town of Paradise, enter the Rosebud Saloon and unleash Hell. Banner Cole (Murphy) is a tough sheriff’s deputy tasked with forming a posse to take down the quartet of killers, who fled Paradise with a hostage. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock’s frequent producer and assistant director, Herbert Coleman (Vertigo), the film features a fiery cast of co-stars including Zohra Lampert (Pay or Die!), Vic Morrow (Target: Harry), Robert Keith (They Came to Cordura), Rodolfo Acosta (Wings of the Hawk), Royal Dano (Man in the Shadow), Ward Ramsey (Dinosaurus!) and Lee Van Cleef (For a Few Dollars More). SHOWDOWN (1963) – Enemies Chained Together Like Mad Dogs! Audie Murphy (Destry) stars with Kathleen Crowley (Curse of the Undead) and Charles Drake (No Name on the Bullet) in a western about two cowboys who find themselves in deep trouble…chained up in iron collars! Chris Foster (Murphy) and Bert Pickett (Drake) manage to escape their iron shackles with a gang of villains headed by Lavalle (Harold J. Stone, Man Afraid). But when they tumble into a scheme involving $12,000 in stolen bonds and an ex-girlfriend (Crowley) of Bert’s, a final showdown explodes between Lavalle and the two men. Western favorites Skip Homeier (The Tall T), L.Q. Jones (The Wild Bunch) and Strother Martin (The Horse Soldiers) also star in this rousing chain-gang adventure directed by R.G. Springsteen (Bullet for a Badman).

Product Extras :

NEW Audio Commentary for HELL BENT FOR LEATHER by Film Historian Toby Roan

NEW Audio Commentary for POSSE FROM HELL by Author/Screenwriter C. Courtney Joyner and Film Historian Henry Parke

Theatrical Trailer (All 3 Films - Newly Mastered in 2K)

Optional English Subtitles

Publish Date : 2023-07-18