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After Dark, My Sweet (Special Edition)

Directed by James Foley

Release: 1990
Runtime: 114
Country: U.S.
Language: English

Jason Patric (The Beast) stars in this mesmerizing neo-noir thriller of the erotic tensions that explode into violence when a kidnapping goes wrong. Collie (Patric) is an ex-boxer who seems the perfect pawn to pull off a kidnapping planned by a sexy widow (Rachel Ward, Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid) and a cop-turned-con man (Bruce Dern, The Laughing Policeman). What they don’t know is that Collie is an escapee from a mental institution. When he realizes the woman he loves has been manipulating him, Collie turns the tables—playing a game of deceit and raw desire that can only end in death. Based on the hardboiled book by Jim Thompson (The Getaway, The Grifters) and directed by James Foley (At Close Range, Glengarry Glen Ross), After Dark, My Sweet “remains one of the purest and most uncompromising of modern films noir” (Roger Ebert).

Product Extras :
  • Brand New HD Master – From a 2K Scan of the Interpositive
  • Audio Commentary by Director James Foley
  • Primal Precipice: Interview with Actor Jason Patric (17:25)
  • Call Me Uncle Bud: Interview with Actor Bruce Dern (12:51)
  • Theatrical Trailer (Newly Mastered in 2K)
  • Optional English Subtitles
Publish Date : 2023-08-15